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Interesting Facts about the Island of Lombok to the Best Halal Tourism

 Interesting Facts about the Island of Lombok to the Best Halal Tourism

Interesting Facts about the Island of Lombok to the Best Halal Tourism

Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara is one of the islands that has a variety of tours, especially with its amazing natural wealth, ranging from extreme tourism such as Mount Rinjani tourism, to halal tourism which is famous for religion such as the Islamic Center mosque tour.

 This island, which is adjacent to the island of Bali, is no less interesting because this island will spoil anyone who comes.  Not inferior to Bali, the island of Lombok also has beautiful beaches such as Pink Beach, Senggigi Beach, as well as other beaches scattered on the outskirts of the Lombok Island area.

 Lombok will also increase its prestige by holding a grand Moto GP party this year in Mandalika.  The circuit, which will bring in world-class racers, is now almost 60 percent complete.

 There are many more interesting facts related to the island of Lombok, reported from various sources, here are some interesting facts about the island of Lombok.

 1. The meaning of Lombok.

 Many think that the small island of Lombok is interpreted as chili according to Javanese speech.  But this assumption is wrong, Lombok actually comes from the Sasak language called "Lomboq" which means straight.
 It is said that this name was given to commemorate the long journey of the ancestors of the Lombok people when they discovered this island.  Over time, the word "Lomboq" was changed to Lombok.  Until now the word is more popular and known by many people.

 2. Lombok Native Tribe

 The original inhabitants of the island of Lombok are the Sasak tribe, the majority of whom adhere to Islam.  In addition to the Sasak tribe whose population reaches 80%, Lombok Island also consists of various ethnic groups such as Javanese immigrants, ethnic Chinese, etc.

 3. Has the Second Highest Volcano in Indonesia

 Rinjani, one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia, is one of the second highest volcanoes located in three districts such as East Lombok.  Central Lombok and West Lombok.
 From the top of Rinjani, climbers or tourists can see almost the entire view of the island of Lombok, because the height of Rinjani can reach 3,726 meters above sea level.  No wonder Rinjani is one of the favorite destinations for tourists from outside the island of Lombok.

 4. There is a motorized vehicle-free area

 In some parts of the world, there are some areas that are free of motorized vehicles such as Giethoorn, Netherlands.  However, Lombok also has such an area, precisely in Gili Trawangan, North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.
 Customary regulations emphasize that there should be no motorized vehicles, then the regulation was adopted by the local government so that local residents have to walk or use bicycles to carry out their daily activities.

 5. Best Halal Tour Wisata

 With the majority of the community being Muslim, Lombok is the best halal destination in Indonesia, even in the world.  Through the awarding of the World Halal Tourism Award in Dubai 2017 and the Muslim Travel Index in 2019 (GMTI), Indonesia became the best halal tourism.

 In Lombok, tourists can find many mosques located in every hamlet or in the middle of the city.  With its nickname as the Land of a Thousand Mosques, as well as religious tourism at the Great Mosque of the Islamic Center, Lombok has great support as the best halal tourism.

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