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Visit Indonesia, These are Important Travel Tips important

  Visit Indonesia, These are Important Travel Tips important

   Jakarta- Located in Southeast Asia between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Indonesia is an archipelago you just need to visit.

  this country with a population of around 17,000 islands presents a luxurious and colorful history, dynamic culture, diverse ethnicities and a landscape that is second to none.

  In addition, Indonesia is often appreciated easily and on a limited budget, making it a dream destination for world travelers.

  There are many cheap tourist attractions in Indonesia - places that offer excellent value for money.  Here are some tips that you can simply follow when you visit this extraordinary country.

  1. Activities in Indonesia that Won't Break Your Savings

  There are several ways to enjoy the wonders that Indonesia has without spending a dime.  With an area of ​​17,000 islands, Indonesia offers countless white sand beaches that are perfect for relaxing when fatigue hits.

  Those looking for adventure can start surfing the crystal clear waters around Bali or challenging hikes through the vast tropical forests and stunning volcanoes that make up the country's plains.

  History buffs will want to visit the thousands of Hindu temples scattered across the country - there are over 6,000 in Bali alone!

  Note that some visits require a registration fee, while others invite suggestions.  However, there are temples that can be visited for free, such as the 19th century Taman Saraswati Temple in Ubud, Bali.

  In Yogyakarta, you will admire the craftsmanship and craftsmanship of local artisans, who don't worry about determining their work, and tourists from all walks of life are fascinated by the Gamelan orchestra and Balinese dance performances that are often held during Ceremonies and hotels, resorts and hotels.  Restaurant.

  If you find practice (groups practice often), you are usually invited to watch without spending a dime.  You will also ask the local or tourist information section about the free coming festival.

  Finally, once you reach your destination, look for free tours online and wait for discounts on activities and events.  Hiking, Traveling, Swimming, Tanning, Walking - These free activities are often appreciated in Indonesia.

  2. Indispensable places in Indonesia (free!)

 The most expensive destinations in Indonesia are absolutely free to see.

One of them is Pasih Uwug aka the broken sea.

  If you follow any of World Travel's Instagram accounts, there's a good chance you've seen this geological masterpiece in your news stream for at least a short time.

  Nusa Penida's famous rock arc is basically a cave whose ground collapses, allowing water to enter to form its natural pool.

  Another beautiful free attraction is Laguna Lota in Samuh community, Bugbug village, candidasa.  The lake, which is accessible by road, is full of green water lilies and fuchsia.

  There are lots of things to do around the lake, such as snorkeling along the beach, biking through the hills above the city or visiting the statue of Hariti, the goddess of fertility.

  And don't miss the Belok village flower bed too!  You will find beautiful marigolds growing in the Kintamani fields in Bridugul.

  3. Traveling in Indonesia on a budget

  If you are planning to travel from Bali to a special island, he will know to reserve most of your transport authorization space.

  Interior flights are actually quite cheap and are an honest choice for long haul flights.

  In a bustling tourist location, you won't have to worry about finding tourist boats and long-distance bus services.

  If you're going to stop by an island near the island, a last-ditch profitable bet is necessary for global public ferry needs, as ferries are inexpensive and sometimes work between adjacent islands.

  Ferries between Bali and Lombok, for example, cost around $2 US $3.

    However, the long journey is something to believe in.

    A Bali to Lombok trip can take around 4.5 hours - even longer if you experience delays or weather conditions.

    You will find that public transportation in Indonesia is much cheaper than betting a taxi.  While transportation varies greatly by location, tourist cities like Jakarta, Indonesia's capital city, offer an honest variety of choices for the public.

    The suburban Kai train is busy but cheap at around 0.25 USD.  Therefore, Trans Jakarta buses are cheap and used frequently - but not in the least bit predictable.  Both transfers offer air conditioning and one room for women only.

    Today, with online apps like Grab and Gojek, you'll find very affordable rides in Indonesia - or on the back of a motorbike, or in a car.

    So confirm that you download it before visiting Indonesia, it will really help the budget.

    It's easy to hunt for bike rentals in most tourist areas and quite affordable - often, but 5 USD daily.  You will also rent a scooter for around USD 6 per day or a motorbike for about USD 20 per day.

    4. Affordable accommodation in Indonesia

    Visits to Indonesia Pics are usually in January, August, September and December, which means accommodation costs tend to increase during these months.

    Hotels are often half placed in the low season – February, March, October and November – so these months allow you to breathe in the price of your stay.

    While you can find cheap accommodation in places like Bukit Lawang, Sumatra, for US$5 per night, beware of expensive destinations, such as Java, Flores and Raja Ampat.

    In Bali tourist areas such as Kuta, Legian and Ubud, accommodation can range from 10 USD - 100 USD per night, taking into account your stay in Bali.

    If you'd rather book an apartment or accept a variety of Airbnbs, why not get an airbnb discount once you've done that?  Confirm that you are using the airbnb coupon code.

    A bungalow may cost a lot, but the bedrooms and most of the air conditioning - or at least a ceiling fan - and private bathrooms.  You will find this type of accommodation in places like Sanur, Kuta and Legian.

    Other budget options include welcoming, hostels, guest rooms and family-style complexes, known for their unique Indonesian architecture.

    5. Cheap Food in Indonesia

    One of the main profitable aspects of your stay in Indonesia is undoubtedly the food - as long as you enjoy local food.

    For the biggest cost savings, avoid tourist hangouts.  Instead, look for street vendors and markets that fill the place.

    Night markets such as Sanur and Seminyak serve a selection of traditional dishes at affordable prices.  And limit the thought that you can easily share with providers who agree on lower fees.

    Pro Tip: Make sure you make the appointment.  This easy stew is usually served during ceremonies, ceremonies of beef cooked with coconut milk and a mixture of grass leter, garlic, ginger and other spices.

    6. Words of the last consultation

    When traveling to Indonesia, keep in mind that the starting price is almost never as big as what you spend - as long as you keep haggling in mind.  If the price seems too high, then go ahead.

    The local sector will lower prices, which will not lose customers, however, the most important thing to remember is to have fun while haggling and haggling ends when both parties are happy.

    Another thing is, even though Indonesia is one of the cheaper tourist spots, some excursions and more off-road spots will cost more.  But these places are so worth it!

    You don't want to travel outside Indonesia regretting not visiting the famous Komodo dragon, skin diving in Raja Ampat, or Uang Pinus climbing a volcano - sometimes you just need to flex.

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